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Member Since: May 1, 2024


Department Lead

Microwave's Investigation Department Lead Application
What is your name / what would you want to be referred to as? Microwave Oven Bartholomew Johnson

What is your SteamID64? ( 76561198929141763

What is your Discord Username? (E.g: penguin5949) microwaveemperor

How long have you been a part of the Arctic Networks Community? 28 Aug 2021

What role are you applying for? Investigation Department lead

Why are you looking to apply for this specific role? I have an interest in this subject in real life. Even though I may not have experience in Police RP I have always been up for a challenge. I want a grilled cheese sandwich also.

What can you bring to the role and why would you be a good fit? Previous experience in leading roles, making documents and commanding subordinates

Why should we accept you over other applicants? I have experience in the previous artic networks community , and would say I am involved in the community. I had previous experience in leading roles in the previous server and proved to be okay at it (Such as Death trooper Vcmdr and cmdr, then I was Grand Admiral)

Anything else you would like to mention? Enjoy the ban kid
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Posted 25 days, 10 hours ago
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Accepted | We will contact you on discord with more information.
Penguin  17 days, 13 hours ago
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Snacks  25 days, 10 hours ago
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Duno  25 days, 10 hours ago

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