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PoliceRP | Update 0.0.4 - Fundamentals
(Sorry, this was quite overdue, many unforeseen delays have been present, leading to not enough content being available for a full update.)

PoliceRP Updates

+ Changed Login Notices:
* Added Current Day Notice. (Mentioned Later In This Thread)
* Added Vehicle Quality Notice. (Common Bug With GMod Vehicles)

+ Added Media Player, allowing for you to play YouTube Videos in-game and other media using screens on the map.
* Added !fullscreen and !disableallscreens commands to assist in Media Player usage.
* Added 20+ entity types for Media Players. (Different sized blocks & props turned into screens to blend into map better)

+ Fixed an issue with mobile device jammers having infinite ammo.

+ Added Decals addon, allowing images & other media to be displayed on walls in-game.
+ Added Wallet System:
* Allows for money to be selected and given directly to a player or dropped on the floor. (Realistic Animations)
* ID Card to show to police, bartenders e.t.c to prove identity.
* Credit Card to be used with card readers & ATM's.
* Drivers License to show which vehicles you are certified to drive.
* Firearms License to show what firearms you are allowed to carry. (If Armed Police, Military e.t.c)

+ Added Tools:
* PermaProps & RemoveProps for map editing & entity integration.
* Precision and SmartSnap for precise prop modification.
* Added Stacker for prop duplication.
* Added Advanced Duplicator for base saving.
* Added Textscreens for in-game signs.
* And some other misc admin tools.

+ Added "Remove from undo list" and "Add to undo list" when viewing properties of a prop, to stop it from being removed when you press Z.
+ Added /advert mobile phone integration, Adverting is not required for raiding, mugging or other RP actions and will act as a way to advertise businesses / services. Costs 250 per advert and will also be sent to a users mobile emails folder.
+ Added Local OOC command. (/looc [message] or /// [message])
+ Added Broadcast command for Mayors to broadcast messages. (/broadcast [message]) [5 Minute Cooldown, Free Postings]
+ Added ULX Cleanup (For Staff Members)
+ Added Photon Lighting Engine & and repositioned the HUD position to integrate with VCMod.

+ Added & configured the following vehicle packs:
* Utility Truck (For City Engineers, Has indicator arrows)
* Huge range of Police Cars / Vans (Audi RS4 Avant, BMW 340i, Ford Transit LHD & SHB, Land Rover Supercharged, Vauxhall Astra V XR, BMW M5 F10, Ford Mustang, Subaru Legacy GT, Volvo XC70, BMW X5M, VW Passat, Volvo V60)
* Added NHS Sprinter LWB & SHB
* Added Scannia Firetruck
* Added Base Car Packs (Vauxhall, BMW, Audi, Ford, Subaru & Many Others)

+ Fixed StormFox time being misaligned by an hour and to follow BST (British Standard Time)

Decided Event / Special Days

Monday - Booster Day
2x XP & Money All Day

Law & Order Day
Huge Boosters On Legal Careers & Police

Break Bad Day
Huge Boosters On Illegal Careers & Drug Manufacturing

Gang Day
Unlocked And Incentivised Gang Jobs, Gang Wars & High Crime

Something Day
Something Will Happen, It Will Be Big, But It Will Be Different Every Week

Military Day
Military Jobs Will Unlock, Military Specific Events / Mission Will Take Place

Disaster Day
There Will Be Some Kind Of Disaster / Crisis To Watch Out For

Website Updates

+ Added Locking & Pinning Features
+ Added "Role Applications" Board.
(Also began working on Discord Integration, Expected to be done by the end of the week.)

Posted 26 days, 9 hours ago
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