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Member Since: April 1, 2024


Beta Tester
Department Lead

Duno's NCA Administrative Officer Application
What is your name / what would you want to be referred to as?

What is your SteamID64? (

What is your Discord Username? (E.g: penguin5949)

How long have you been a part of the Arctic Networks Community?
I have been a part of the Arctic Networks Community since the server first opened on the 16th of January 2021.

What role are you applying for?
NCA Administrative Officer

Why are you looking to apply for this specific role?
I believe that has some of the most potential for creating good RP within the new server which is crucial to the longevity of the server, I am looking to fill the position of the NCA AO because I have the time and want to push the NCA to play an instrumental part within the growth of the new server.

What can you bring to the role and why would you be a good fit?
I have a lot of time to put into the running of NCA and to ensure it is running well and growing I have a few ideas for things to implement in NCA that will help it to grow and prosper.

Why should we accept you over other applicants?
I have been an active player within Arctic Networks for multiple years and plan to continue this activity in the Police RP in addition to this I have also played on other Police RP servers and have commanded various regiments in both Arctic Networks Clone Wars and Imperial RP.

Posted 29 days, 19 hours ago
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Accepted | We will contact you on discord with more information.
Penguin  17 days, 14 hours ago
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Microwave  25 days, 12 hours ago
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Snacks  29 days, 17 hours ago
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Wingman  29 days, 17 hours ago

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