Server Rules (Last Updated: 14/07/2022)

General Rules

- Use common sense (If there is something you aren't sure about, ask a staff member first)
- Do not Minge or NITRP (No intent to roleplay on the server)
- You need to have something to be able to use it (e.g You can't disguise as someone without stealing their clothes / armour)

- No ERP (Erotic Role Play)
- Do not spam in chat or through your microphone (Soundboards and music also count)
- Do not use any cheats/exploits
- Do not try to crash the server
- Do not be disrespectful to any player or staff member
- Always listen to staff members, if you believe something is unjustified contact a higher up
- Do not threaten to DDOS or DOX someone, this will be taken very seriously (Jokes also count)
- Do not advertise other communities until given permission or is an official server link
- Do not RDM (Kill someone without reason)
- Do not RDA (Randomly arrest someone)
- Do not VDM (Run someone over on purpose with a vehicle)
- Do not FailRP (Do something that would not be possible)
- Do not MetaGame (Using OOC or TAB usernames to see what is happening)
- Do not abuse bugs/glitches (Report them on discord)
- Do not LTAP (Leaving to avoid punishment, Timed Out will be let off as long as reconnect within 20 minutes)
- Do not make false staff sits, we have logs
- Do not be racist to anyone
- Do not equip weapons through !unbox or any other method as Sith, Massif or Droid Jobs (FailRP Charge)
- Do not break NLR

NLR means New Life Rule, do not return to the same area that you have died within two minutes. This is because it can cause confusion and can get repetitive as that character has already died. This rule only applies during uptime and does not count inside Events, Missions, or if the Defcon is under Level 5.

Regimental Rules

- Do not abuse your in-game rank or do false promotions
- Do not set your name to something you're not
- Do not handcuff a player for no reason
- Do not drag someone unless told to
- Do not spam your stun stick or batons on people
- Do not use your unarrest stick for no reason and always put an RFR
- Do not arrest someone for the wrong time if their charges don't equal that


PAC3 Rules

- You are not allowed to modify your original model (E.g Changing your DT Model to ST)
- Do not give your character something you don't have (E.g Putting an Ion Disruptor on your body)
- Do not modify your bodies scale, size, or bones to make yourself taller or look different from your ordinary body mesh
- If your PAC is lagging your server please remove it or you may be kicked
- Do not leak regimental related PAC3's unless the user is also in that regiment
-  If a Staff Member asks you to remove your PAC you must comply


Event Rules

- Comply with what the gamemaster is saying, it likely will have a purpose in the event
- Do not abuse the event commanding system in any way (E.g Getting People Stuck)
- Refrain from friendly firing, it will not be taken as harshly if accidental but will still count as RDM
- Do not kill a player who is stuck, they can contact staff
- Do not intentionally explode bombs or do traitorous actions unless given permission by the GM

Anyone with the name "Kim Eddie" has the right to be RDM'ed without consequence.