Duno's Senator Application

Duno's Senator Application Locked

Created At : 2023-03-04 20:07:40



Who are you?

(Tell us a little bit about yourself, what regiments you are in, and your in-game names and characters)

my main characters are SHOCK VCMDR Alpharius whose location is currently unknown and SHOCK VCMDR Duno who is on the ship right now


How long have you been with Arctic Networks?

since day one so over 2 years

Why are you looking to become a Senator?

(Tell us about why you are looking to become a senator on Arctic Networks)

Because I have strong beliefs about certain things that take place and potential changes I am also open to ideas and what people have to say on a subject. I am willing to go against the majority of people when I believe something would be best for the server to be changed or not changed.

What changes are you looking to bring to the community? (Suggested you put at least three points)

  1. I aim to look into what regiments have to offer for example look into changing sub-regiments if there is something better suited or if there is something significant that needs to be addressed within the regiment 
  2. I would aim to bring more addons and ensure the current ones that are in the server align with what is needed for the server 
  3. I will aim to always listen to what changes and what people would want to see on the server I will always try and get things added that I believe will benefit the server

Why are you looking to bring these changes?

Because I have been playing this server for over 2 years now I have seen players come players go and so on I truly want what is best for the server and its community and I am applying for this position because I want to see the server change for the better

Anything else you want to add?

(Add anything else you want to add, we recommend you put something here but if you decide against using it, please remove this part of the application) 

I know I can be a little bit mingy at times but I would take this position extremely seriously and do what is best for the community and always take in the opinion of people on this server when deciding how I would side for each talking point

Kermit the salesman


Troughout my experience with duno I would say he is a good chap ready to commit to this role.

I have nothing negative to say about him so +1

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