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Who are you? hi my name is Kieron and  i am in to all thing sci fi, mecha, anime and more and i lvoe to rp and i am a member of the 501st as i play 501st Col 6565 Kieron, Petty officer Price in the navy and Sith Acolyte Dark Shadow

How long have you been with Arctic Networks? 
i been apart of apirl the 2nd 2022 

Why you are looking to become a Senator? im looking to become a senator so i can help fight for what right in the senate and help  people with any thing they may want to suggest to add to the server, thing to change or be taken a way and do what i can to help 

What changes are you looking to bring to the community? (Suggested you put at least three points) 1. i would bring to this community is i am mostly on all the time if not most of the time and i am a game master and listen to others too

2. i help to bring new character, ships and maps to the server and help people suggest  any updates they like to make to character already on the server or regements to be add or taken a way

3. Making sure regiments are operating efficiently is the best way they can and help keep them active why also being here to listen to any problimes people may have

(Tell us at least 3 points of what you would like to add/bring to the community if you get the position, like a manifesto)

Why are you looking to bring these changes?
(Explain why you are looking to bring the changes you suggested)  im looking to bring the thing i suggested to help give more activity to the server and things for people to do, more itams and NPC to use in event or battle on ship/ base, i want to help people voice there problumes or things they want to add to the game

Anything else you want to add?
(Add anything else you want to add, we recommend you put something here but if you decide against using it, please remove this part of the application)  i do work 12 hour shifts  at my local hospital doing 8 to 8 meaning i may not always be on for at least 2 of the week for senate meeting but i do all i can to help make talking points and help to be the people voice in the senate 


thank you for reading and i do hope to get some feed back 

from 501st Col 6565 Kieron
From Petty officer Price
from Sith Acolyte Dark Shadow




Kieron is a fantastic member of the community, Any time with him is just smiles and I know he will try his complete hardest to be the best senetor he can be for everyone and himself.

Yours Truly,

Jericho Jones
Specialist - Fleet Advisor
Imperial Security Bureau


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