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Who are you?
Hey There, Most of you know me as Jericho, I Play an ISB Warrant Officer that Specializes in bridge ops, administrative paperwork and psychology, you will quite frequently see me on the bridge or lower control room preforming standard duties or paperwork, Jericho is quite loyal to the empire and the civilians that it is sworn to defend.

How long have you been with Arctic Networks?
I joined the server on the 2nd of Febuary. so around about 1 month.

Why you are looking to become a Senator?
I am looking to become a senator beacause I feel I could be quite benificial towards the team as I have the ability to keep a level head when it comes to decision making and also beleive that it would be a somewhat enjoyable experience to assist the server more than I presently am.

What changes are you looking to bring to the community? (Suggested you put at least three points)

First of all, i would like to attempt to return the pilots, Whilst I was not here around the time that they were disbanded I believe we could see a lot of use out of them considering the majority of our events are now "Minis" and I frequently see a use of pilots, The Pilots would work under the Fleet (Regiment), Accepting orders etc. from them above orders given by the army command on deck however, would still have to follow the same restrictions as army units e.g No Bridge access/usage, ATC Clearance codes etc.


My Second thought is removing Inferno Squadron, For the most part this "Regiment" goes severely un-used, and from what I have seen only ever for minging, my original thought was to allow the regiment to split into the pilots with higher rankings than first entries however, I have been advised that this operation was already going to potentially happen with each member in the regiment being provided with a set time to prepare, this preparation time has been severely overstayed, so instead of a compromise a full removal would be in order.


My Third major task is to fulfill the communities wishes on each matter and provide as unbiased opinion as possible on said matters.


Why are you looking to bring these changes?
I would like to bring these changes beacause I beleive that it could provide a positive effect towards the community and for the content back in some cases too (Removal of inferno), this community is already a fantastic place and one I am proud to say I am apart of, and I beleive and hope to make it an even greater place.

Anything else you want to add?
My time in this server has been honestly fantastic, the community is the most welcoming I ever could have expected or even hoped for, that is the primary reason I would like to become a senetor, beacause if I can give back a fraction of the support that this community has provided me I think that would make everyone including myself that little bit happier.

I hope you enjoyed having a look through my application and I hope you have a fantastic day. 

Yours Truly,

Jericho Jones
Specialist - Fleet Advisor
Imperial Security Bureau


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3+ i think he do good and he on all the time

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