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Who are you?


I'm the current Chancellor, Maxwell, the 501st Commander Drax and ISB Captain Vogel!


How long have you been with Arctic Networks?


I've been with the server for eight months now.


Why you are looking to become a Senator?


I want to continue my tenure as Senator to further improve the server and to enact on the wishes of the community. As a Senator, I will continue to allow the community to have a voice through me and I will make the absolute most of the power given to me. I have shown that I am capable and willing to submit as many talking points that I can think of. Continuing as Chancellor allows me to make the best changes I can to the server.


What changes are you looking to bring to the community?


> I want to further refine regiments to make sure that they are operating with the equipment and gear that they wish to have

> I want to expand the activities we can do on the server

> I want to make sure that players feel encouraged to keep up their activity and participate in the RP

> I want to make sure that the recent increase in activity and player-count remains high by drawing in players and giving them what they wish to see implemented into the server

> I want to make sure that regiments are being ran well and are taking their duties seriously, I would like to be more involved in reviewing regiments to make sure that they are being ran and trained properly.


Why are you looking to bring these changes?


Two regiments have been removed, leaving us room to further refine the regiments that remain, which will bolster their numbers and activity on the server. 

Giving people more things to do will bolster activity and we will have more playtime on the server if there are no mini-events happening.

Having more people on will boost the server and bring in new players.

As a gamemaster, having more people on allows us to create RP which is an excellent opportunity for us to use our ideas which in turns provides a great experience for people playing.

Making sure regiments are operating efficiently is the best way to create more RP and to allow for less chaotic events, which makes them more fun for players.


Anything else you want to add?


I have given my 100% to the Chancellor position and have submitted 24 original talking-points and have submitted many more that were suggested by the community. I have only missed one Senate meeting when I was very unwell and busy IRL. 


During my first term as Chancellor we have enacted massive changes to the server and they have all paid off, regiments haven’t been as large and as active until recently and dead-weight regiments that weren’t active enough or served less of a purpose were removed.


I think I have shown that I am dedicated to utilising and enacting the power of this position to make positive changes to the server. I implore you to support me as much as possible by tallying up my votes as much as you see fit so that you can continue to have a Chancellor who will listen to you and use his position to its full potential. Maxwell 2023!


Thank you for reading my app! All feedback is appreciated!


Drax for dilligence,

Vogel for victory,

Maxwell for Chancellor!

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This is a very detailed and professional application which does greatly impress me. In your time as the current Chancellor you have made an amazing amount of progress in terms of trying the better the server. You clearly want to help out the community and for its players to enjoy their time on the server. You have made a lot of talking points about things that would make the server better in some form of way and you also voice other people's opinions on server matters which is a vital thing to do when in a community based scenario.

I really like how you clearly show what/how you will better the server in the future and show how you could do this. You really put the players first, something that a Chancellor should be doing. You have shown yourself to be very professional and hard working when necessary. I believe you would fit this role perfectly (Again), and I look forward to seeing you implement some changes that will benefit the server greatly. 

Good Luck :)

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they are detailed and professional  and always listen to people

there always online and  know what to do/what to say and there respcted  and listen to people idea and help them out and i think he make a grate senator 

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Great previous Chancellor, Great guy

Former DT CMDR

Grand Admiral

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