Darth Vader's Senator Application

Darth Vader's Senator Application Locked

Created At : 2023-03-01 19:47:03



Who are you?   I am in Sith and I play as Darth Vader, Senator Drew and I am also in ST since I have no primary.


How long have you been with Arctic Networks? I have been with Arctic Networks since the start.


Why you are looking to become a Senator?  I want to become a Senator Again, because I always like listening and getting sent possible suggestions that could benefit the server  and I also enjoy the roleplay that occurs when you are a senator.


What changes are you looking to bring to the community? (Suggested you put at least three points): One change I would like to bring is to the Nova Trooper model. I would also like to get some new characters added to the server aswell. I also want to get some regulations on Inferno Squad, since I have seen some minging on one of the jobs.


Why are you looking to bring these changes? These changes will help improve the server and it will have an impact on activity. The regulations placed on Inferno Squad will give the job a better reputation and people would be encouraged to donate to the server.


Anything else you want to add? I will be ready to voice, what the community says.  "A vote for Senator Drew is a vote, that your voice is heard."



+6 grate person, always on, listen to other and would make a grate Senator 





Great guy, you can talk to him about stuff, He's also proved to be a great senator.



Former DT CMDR

Grand Admiral

Dexter Skystriker



He knows exactly what he's doing.

USMC Veteran

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