Zlat's 501st Vice Commander Application (Accepted)

Locked Zlat's 501st Vice Commander Application (Accepted)

501st Vice Commander Application

What is your in-game / discord name:

ISB Chief Zlat; 501st MAJ 5657 Zlot; Sith Acolyte Keramiko

What is your SteamID64 (https://steamid.io/):


What is your discord tag (E.g Example#0001):


What Regiment / Position are you looking to apply for:

501st Legion Vice Commander

Why are you looking to become a Commander on Arctic Networks:

I am with the community for a year now, and every time I've been able to, I've been on the server. I started working my way up the ranks in the ISB till I got to my current position as Chief of the ISB, what a journey it has been. Also during this period on the server, I've had a great time during every mission, downtime and regular duties I've taken part in. A few months back I was elected as VCMDR of the 501st Legion, but unfortunately due to an issue I had with connecting to the server (timing out), I was unable to fullfil my duties and complete my promises. The reason I chose 501st in the first place was because I've always been a fan of "Vader's fist", it is a regiment I highly admire. This and the reason I wish to complete my past promises and I now choose to yet again take on the challenge that is the VCMDR position. For the 501st, I will do everything and anything to keep it active, I love the current Commander and would love even more to expand my favorite regiment while being by his side, as a Half life NPC once said: "With my brains and your brawn we'll make an excellent team!", I'm the one with the brains obviously ;). I wish to put in my years of regimental commanding experience into helping the 501st become what it deserves to be - the largest and most refined regiment on the server. Once I take on a task, I fully dedicate myself to it and I will make no exception this time around.

Do you have experience commanding any other regiments in the past or on other servers:

Yes, I have a great deal of experience, mostly from my 6-7k hours in Garry's Mod and a decent bit from my ArmA3.  I have experience leading a variety of different regiments on a variety of different gamemodes (MilRP, SWRP, NaziRP, etc.) on both big and small servers. My commanding is very seasoned, I've learned from both my mistakes and those of others for the past 7 or so years. On Arctic Networks, I am currently a Major in the 501st, an Ex. VCMDR and the Chief of the Imperial Security Bureau. Unfortunately my stay here as the VCMDR of the 501st Legion was not the most successful (only because it lasted a limited amount of time, restricted by the issues with my connection I stated above) and I wish to change that, making hopefully this mandate (if I am chosen) the most successful as a CO I've ever had, or at least ever since I consider myself retired from Garry's Mod.

What is something unique you could bring to your regiment:

 Here are some of my past promises which I still value and wish to achieve, mind you I am currently working on some of them with the 501st CMDR:

-Discipline within the 501st.

-A functioning spreadsheet, including many different unique features.

-Unique medal, promotions and awards systems.

-A fine set of tactics and unique trainings.

-A masterclass in leadership from my behalf.

-A regiment of equals, nobody is treated better or worse. Everyone gets promoted or punished via the same system, not being biased.

Now onto some recently thought out features I wish to implement, mind you I am currently working on some of them with the 501st CMDR:

-Fix the tryout guide and refine it a lot more.

-Work with the CMDR on making the 501st discord better.

-Work with the 501st CMDR on any gear/loadout changes.

-A vast variety of trainings and simulation scenarios.

-Daily activity, offering tryouts to new players.

-Doing fun and interactive activities for the 501st on during both uptime and downtime.

-For now that's all, but as the time goes on, if I am accepted, I will keep adding new things to this list. 


Thank you for reading!

Do not be shy about giving feedback, I accept it whether it's positive or negative.

Much love <3,


ISB Chief

501st Vice Commander

1 Year member


This is a very detailed and professional application, you clearly lay out your experience and goals if you were to be accepted. I like that you want to make everyone abide by the same rules and not being biased just because someone is your friend. You clearly have the experience to lead and I like the effort to create activities/content for people during off peak hours.

From my first hand experience with you, you are professional and lead by example, you are a friendly and approachable person and if I need anything I would happily come to you for guidance, something any new player would be looking for.

I believe you would suit this postion very well and wish you good luck in the future.

+1 Great guy, hope you the best

Former DT CMDR

Grand Admiral

+1 good detail, led 501st well the last time, willing to help the unit get more people.

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+1 Has proven his commitment to becoming a VCMDR once again, has previous experience and a highly detailed app.

Zlat has consistently proven himself in the 501st as prime material for leadership and he has taken the process very seriously. His activity is very good and he makes sure to come on, even during downtime.

I have ran a VCMDR-tryout in the 501st to help me to decide who to support and Zlat demonstrated that he was willing to take on the responsibilities that this position will require. He deserves this position and will do great in it.

Your application for the position of 501st Vice Commander has been accepted, We will contact you on discord for more information.

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Lead Mapping & Development
Server Founder

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