Microwave's Grand Admiral Application (Accepted)

Locked Microwave's Grand Admiral Application (Accepted)


What is your in-game / discord name: Microwave / Fred

What is your SteamID64 (https://steamid.io/): 76561197960287930

What is your discord tag (E.g Example#0001): MicrowaveEmperor#8971

What Regiment / Position are you looking to apply for: Grand Admiral

Why are you looking to become a Commander on Arctic Networks: I am applying for the Grand admiral position because of several reasons. There has not been a Grand Admiral for some time now, meaning that fleet has basically died and no longer active, which I do plan on changing and improving the recruitment and training methods (The Fleet documents are very outdated), I have experience in fleet and have been a fleet member for sometime now (A couple months), I also want to push myself to a more difficult position than I currently am (I am a Junior Lieutenant) and I have experience in commanding on this server, I also understand that this position is serious so I would not be messing around on this position. 

Do you have experience commanding any other regiments in the past or on other servers: I used to be the DT CMDR on this server

What is something unique you could bring to your regiment: I will recruit new fleet members and improve activity on the server for fleet as it hasn't been that active since the previous Grand Admiral left

Note : I understand I have not been a active member on this server because of certain reasons that some of you already know (Computer issues) but I am starting to become active once more


Former DT CMDR

Grand Admiral

+1 inactive since I last saw you and can be mean to me at times sometimes when I was fleet and in previous version of DT.

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he's a good guy 

I think

+1 activity has improved, great detail, and wants to fix the recruitment problem.

Your application for the position of Grand Admiral has been accepted

We will contact you on discord with more information.

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