The VR Update!

Locked The VR Update!

The VR Update!

Hello Everyone, It has been a little while since I have posted an announcement on the forums, however, I wanted to make this into a post as it contains a lot of important information on how to set up and use VR as well as how it has been integrated with the server.

We have also added a VR extension which will also allow you to Open the F4 Menu, Change your VR controller keybinds, and Have better height calibration & support for more UI throughout the server.

How to start your VR Experience:

1. Subscribe to this Workshop Addon (
2. Install this Module (
3. Right-click GMOD in your steam library, go to properties and then disable "SteamVR Desktop Game Theatre"
4. (If experiencing issues) temporarily remove any gmod launch options
5. Open the VRMod menu ingame by typing "vrmod" in console
6. Press "Start VR"

Here are the Controller Bindings:

HTC Vive:

Oculus Touch:

Valve Index:

WMR - Uses the same binds as the HTC Vive

Vive Cosmos - Uses the same binds as the Oculus Touch

Thank you for reading, if you experience any issues with this newly added feature please contact an Admin.
- Admin | Penguin

ISB Director
Lead Mapping & Development
Server Founder

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