Carbon's Instructor Application (Accepted)

Locked Carbon's Instructor Application (Accepted)

What is your in-game / discord name: ISB Hutchins/501st Reeder

What is your SteamID64 ( 76561199054954939

What is your discord tag (E.g Example#0001): Gr8 Carbon#1100

Why are you looking to become an Imperial Instructor on Arctic Networks: I am looking to become an Imperial Instructure within Arctic Networks because I believe that there is lots of potential within every regiment in AN, I have been a part of the community for some time now and I see there has been issues with high commands activity in different regiments which is a problem because people aren't getting promoted and it is causing people to leave there regiment. I would like to try and boost the activity in each regiment to get more people active and this would help with regiments that are currently very inactive because it would encourage more people to join because they know that they would be promoted, I know that there are a couple of regiment commanders that are currently on a long term LOA so by being an Imperial Instructure we can do more than train people but help out with sorting documentation and other things like that. I have held multiple high-command positions within regiments in Arctic Networks and trained lots of different people in different regiments and I believe that knowledge would help me become a very useful Instructor in the community.

Have you ever commanded a regiment on Arctic Networks? No.

What experience do you have doing tryouts & following documents/guides? I have extensive knowledge of taking tryouts and assisting with them in different regiments and I currently do lots of stuff with 501st, ISB and also Death Troopers, I have written lots of tryout and training documentation within other games like FiveM and Arma3 and I am good at following this documentation to make sure that everything is done correctly and no one is lost at any point during training.

+1 did great in DT trainings.
I do worry you are upholding alot of jobs but teh app itself is good.

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+1 Reeder has helped perform many sessions of DT and ISB training proving he can handle training people. His experiences on other roleplay games like FiveM also add to these training credentials and his position as trial-moderator shows that he is a serious player who can be trusted with this responsibility.

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My only concern is that he already has like 3 or 4 jobs on the server may be hard to be them all. But other than that it's a good app. 

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+1 did amazing hosting and doing the DT training can have a laughter but also take his job seriously and does know how to roleplay and Command ya he may have alot of jobs to uphold but if he can manage upholding the jobs I do not see a resion why he can hot have this o e as he does have the right experience and seems to know what he is doing and I think he proven that he deserves the rank but I just hope he has enough time to keep all the jobs active and not get his jobs con flicting to his life aswell but I think he if fit for the job.


Has been running DT/ISB trainings over the last week or 2 and has made them very detailed and covered every base of the role.
He's provided constructive feedback and advised better methods to get through obstacles and challenges.
Highly recommend he be able to do the same for other groups.

- DT 093



Your application for the position of Imperial Instructor has been accepted and we will contact you on discord with more information.

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