Hydra's Instructor Application... (On Hold)

Hydra's Instructor Application... (On Hold) Locked

Created At : 2022-12-18 13:40:49

[AN] rsrp.uk Hydra


What is your in-game / discord name: Hydra / 014 / Hydra#4324

What is your SteamID64 (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:0:581072461

What is your discord tag (E.g Example#0001):


Why are you looking to become an Imperial Instructor on Arctic Networks: I apply for the role to be an imperial instructer because there are some regiments that I would like to help become active by recruiting (with permission from commander) new people. I also want to help new ST Cadets pass beginner training faster and help them understand and enjoy the server better. I would quite enjoy guiding troopers on their fighting preferances and observing them in battle.

With permission, I would gladly perform trainings to help the primary jobs to progress in their skills and teach them about some fighting techniques that I have not only learned on this server, but some other ones to get them prepared on choosing the best way they would like to fight because skills are the key to not dying!

Have you ever commanded a regiment on Arctic Networks? Imperial Pilots

What experience do you have doing tryouts & following documents/guides? Tryouts are fairly easy to perform if I follow exactly what a certain document states. Tryouts are very easy to perform for me. What can be a tad tricky to do for me is thinking about what training to perform. However, once I have discovered what I want to test a trooper on, I set my mind to the task and it becomes quite easy to perform if not disturbed.

I have commanded regiments on other servers too so I have gained some knowledge on how to train a variety of different combat groups including heavies, guarding squads and pilotting etc. I know that there isn't a pilotting regiment anymore on this server now so the knowledge on that training will make things easier for me and other instructors.

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Over the past few months I have seen you get a lot better they only thing I can say at the moment is your activity.
This role needs someone who is very active. ( I know IRL stuff happens to everyone)

At this point, I won't say + or -. 

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Hydra, I have seen you change as you continue on with the server, but as farrar said we need someone who is active so until I see activity improve, I will remain neutral.

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+10000 He a realy good guy and iv known him for a long time and he is helpful and he got me into fleet so that shows he is willing to help the server so i think he sould get the whitelist




Your application for the position of Imperial Instructor has been placed on hold:

We really like your application hydra, looking for some improvements ingame which is happening but not to a level where we are satisfied and do appreciate your dedication to applying for these kinds of roles. We will not deny this and keep it open for a chance in the future when there are more positions available where we will inform you if you would like to keep the application open.

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