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Imperial Instructor Information

The goal of the Imperial Instructor is to aid the Primary Regiment commanders in training new members, helping people through their basic/advanced training, running simulations, and ensuring people are promoted at the end of missions depending on their performance (following the cooldowns) and helping commanders keep their documents/spreadsheets up to date (if permitted)

The job has 400 health & a wide range of equipment, allowing you to go into battle and survey the performance of troopers as well as clearance 4 allowing you access to many areas of the ship. IF you have any more questions about Imperial Instructors, please contact an Admin.

Imperial Instructor Application Format

To become an Imperial Instructor on Arctic Networks you will be required to follow the format below, if you do not follow the format or modify it there are very low chances you will not be accepted as required information may be missing, Applications take around a week to fully get considered by a staff member however you may be able to get community feedback during that decision time, even if you are not planning to apply for staff leaving your opinion on others applications is a helpful way to consider applications in a more fair way rather than just one staff member having the final opinion.

We do not recommend you become part of this if you are part of more than 2 whitelisted jobs.

Good Luck with your application :D

Imperial Instructor Application Format
(Copy between the two lines)


What is your in-game / discord name:

What is your SteamID64 (

What is your discord tag (E.g Example#0001):

Why are you looking to become an Imperial Instructor on Arctic Networks:

Have you ever commanded a regiment on Arctic Networks?

What experience do you have doing tryouts & following documents/guides?


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