Hydra's Second DT VCMDR Application (Denied)

Locked Hydra's Second DT VCMDR Application (Denied)

What is your in-game / discord name: Hydra / -Hydra-

What is your SteamID64 (https://steamid.io/): [ STEAM_0:0:581072461 ]

What is your discord tag (E.g Example#0001): -Hydra-#4324

What Regiment / Position are you looking to apply for: I am looking to apply for the position of Deathtroopers Division Vice Commander.

Why are you looking to become a Commander on Arctic Networks: I am looking to uptake this position as I feel that I have matured over time. Over the last 3 months, I have lead battalions on other servers temporarily to get a feel of what commanding (or vice commanding) a battalion or division feels like. I now feel that I am mature enough to give commands to the troopers in DT and assist Commander 4321 in getting DT active again. When Commander 4321 is not on the server, I would be more than willing to hop on the server, maybe recruit a LCPL / CPL or do a training for active troopers. I understand if nobody trusts me with this position as I am quite used to having applications being denied, but I will try to help get DT back into the elite path with rigourous trainings and Recruitment programs. 

Do you have experience commanding any other regiments in the past or on other servers: Yes. Imperial Commandos Commander (Black flag networks [It has now switched to SCP RP]), 501st commander (phantom networks [Permabanned for a completely stupid reason by a corrupt owner]), TRM Captain (District gaming MRP [recently shut down]), Star Fighter Core Marshal (Paradox IMPRP [Is still up]), Pilot VCMDR (arctic networks) and Ninth Sister (AN).

What is something unique you could bring to your regiment: I could bring the regiment activity over time, eliteness, skill, and I good sense of mind.  + common sense, if something is dumb and will give DT a bad name, the they are expected not to do it. I am also very willing to give correct PTs upon rule break both in-game or OOC and to follow the punishment sequence provided in the handbook.

Hydra, I'm gonna stay neutral here, but you haven't been active since I've came back after my computer issues.

+1 We need someone that is active and can manage the regiment and I believe that he deserves a chance at it

I am also aware of my inactivity recently, but I am gonna try to get on more. Just been alot of IRL issues but I can be more active.

As I have said for pervious applications I belive that hydra would be a great fit for a position like this and I feel now is a great time to give hydra a chance at leader ship especcialy with a promise of incresed activity

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Your application for the position of DT Vice Commander has been denied for the following reasons:

  • Lack Of Activity.
  • Timed out a number of times
  • Bad Experiences Ingame / Discord
  • We do not feel you will fit the role

You may re-apply within 2 weeks and we advise you choose a different Regiment.

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