Duno's Shock commander application (Accepted)

Locked Duno's Shock commander application (Accepted)

What is your in-game / discord name: Duno

What is your SteamID64 (https://steamid.io/): 76561198884738418

What is your discord tag (E.g Example#0001): Duno#2324

What Regiment / Position are you looking to apply for: SHOCK Commander

Why are you looking to become a Commander on Arctic Networks: I have recently not been on that much for a few reasons but with the 4.0 update coming out it has inspired me to come back. However I had decided I would come back more serious and I belive a good way to help me do that is to take charge of a regiment. I belive I would enjoy the experiance of commanding SHOCK because it is a regiment I have always liked on this server and others I applied awhile ago for shock however I decided to take that back but now I think I am ready to command and get more serious.

Do you have experience commanding any other regiments in the past or on other servers: yes I have commanded a few regiments on this server as well as hoding various officer ranks on this server and others.

What is something unique you could bring to your regiment: I could bring dedication to the regiment and a renewed deication to the server as well hopefully helping SHOCK grow as a regiment and help the server become a more peacfull and fun place with a good police force.

Is serious when need be.
Will definatety not commit warcrimes.
Can confirm.

+1 fairly dependable and has lots of experience running regements


+ 1
very nice man, kool kid man


Your application for the position of SHOCK Vice Commander has been accepted, we will contact you on discord with more information.

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