Crystals Information


What Are Crystals?

Crystals are a form of currency on Arctic Networks on top of the ingame money you already have, they allow you to purchase additional Boosts, Other Currencies, Jobs, Permanent Weapons & Much More. Crystals are earned through ingame measures however if you wish to support the server we do also sell Crystals on our server store to help contribute to new updates & server upgrades.


How do I use my Crystals?

Crystals can be used by accessing the F4 Menu which will supply you with all of the necessary pages of what you can purchase or open the general dashboard to manage what you have equipped, what you want to use & check your current crystal balance.


How to get Crystals?

Server Store

On our donation store, we offer a Crystal Starter Bundle that will give you 2,500 Crystals to start off with. Purchasing this will help support the server to implement more unique features such as this new system.


You can purchase this at:

Credits Conversion

You can convert your Imperial Credits into crystals by pressing F5 Ingame, here you will see the conversions by clicking information on one of the crystal amounts and can convert amounts:

200,000 = 25 Crystals

800,000 = 100 Crystals

2,000,000 = 250 Crystals

4,000,000 = 500 Crystals

8,000,000 = 1000 Crystals


Daily Rewards

You can also get crystals through our daily rewards system, you can access it through the NPC in the training room or by typing !rewards in the ingame chat.


Day 1: 1 Crystal (2 Chances)

Day 2: 3 Crystals (2 Chances)

Day 3: 5 Crystals (2 Chances)

Day 4: 10 Crystals (3 Chances)

Day 5: 15 Crystals (3 Chances)

Day 6: 20 Crystals (3 Chances)

Day 7: 25 Crystals (3 Chances)


More Methods Coming Soon


If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact an Admin via our discord.